Infab Hub discusses European funding

  • INFAB HUB has held today a meeting of its Board of Directors to further advance the strategic lines to bring innovation to SMEs in the Euroregion Galicia-North Portugal
  • European fundraising was the focus of much of the meeting, which addressed various international initiatives and partnerships to raise financing for European recovery funds in the key value chains driven by Infab Hub: automotive, metalworking and transport; aeronautics and aerospace; naval-marine; and textile-fashion.

The Board of Directors of Infab Hub has met to address the various lines of action of the cross-border Industrial Digital Innovation Hub, which has more than 15 partners in Galicia and Northern Portugal.

Infab Hub offers a complete catalog of services to bring digital innovation to the industrial sector and manufacturing processes in a transversal way in four value chains: automotive, metal-mechanic and transport; aeronautics and aerospace; naval-marine; and textile-fashion.

The hub has a broad alliance of partners and infrastructure that support companies – SMEs in particular – to improve their production processes and increase competitiveness, through digitalization and internationalization.

In the last meeting of the Infab Hub Board held this morning, the members of the hub have discussed in detail the participation in European funds Next Generation EU, for which Infab Hub is already weaving relationships with other European organizations in order to present joint proposals that bring to SMEs in the Euroregion Galicia-North Portugal all the benefits of the most innovative technologies.

Also, the meeting addressed the realization of webinars and networking sessions in the coming months, in order to publicize the services of the hub among companies in the Euroregion.

From the Management of INFAB HUB they highligthed:

“Infab Hub is a centralized support point for industrial companies. We want to reach all the SMEs in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion by offering them professional support and testing and experimentation services in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, digital twins, industrial mathematics or blockchain”.

“Furthermore, in the current context marked by European recovery funds, Infab Hub offers support to back up leading projects. Companies can find here a strong ecosystem and networking to materialize their projects, since more than 2,000 companies from the Euroregion are represented in Infab Hub itself and we have the technology centers, universities and international network of contacts necessary to promote digital progress and economic recovery in the industrial sector”, they conclude.

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