Infab Hub receives the seal of excellence from Europe

  • The European Commission has awarded Infab Hub its prestigious Seal of Excellence within the European network of digital innovation hubs (EDIH).
  • This distinction is a recognition at international level in order to establish itself as a European reference hub and access to European, national and regional funding.

Infab Hub has been awarded in the Digital Europe call of the European Commission as a hub of excellence. This is recognized by the seal awarded by Europe, which will allow Infab Hub to access new European, national and regional funds in order to promote the digitization of the business fabric of Galicia and Portugal, being one of the few cross-border Digital Innovation Hubs with this distinction.

Among the calls for funding to which it will be eligible is a 37 million euro program for the years 2022-2023, which will be launched by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism for the 24 Spanish hubs that have received the European seal of excellence.

More than 300 applications from 29 countries competed for the European seal of excellence. With this Seal of Excellence, Infab Hub will become an active member of the European network of Digital Innovation Hubs launched by the European Commission, while giving it international recognition to participate in European consortia and international collaboration projects as a partner of excellence.

Infab Hub is the industrial Digital Innovation Hub of the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion. It is supported by more than 15 partners in Galicia and Northern Portugal and is the first cross-border Digital Innovation Hub in this Euroregion.

The founding organizations represent the main activities of the Galician and Portuguese industrial sector, integrating more than 2,000 companies, so it works closely with the real needs of a sector that is called to be key in the post-covid-19 economic recovery.

“This Seal of Excellence is another step towards the consolidation of Infab Hub as a central player in the digitization of the cross-border industrial sector. With an alliance of expert partners, we bring digitalization and technologies such as artificial intelligence to manufacturing processes in the automotive, metal-mechanics and transport; aeronautics and aerospace; naval-maritime; and textile-fashion industries,” states Justo Sierra, President of Infab Hub.

“We are currently mobilizing European funds and cutting-edge projects to make industry the driving force behind economic recovery, not only locally for the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion, but also globally in Europe. Therefore, this Seal and the possibility of accessing specific funds at European, national and regional level is key to continue promoting our strategy, generating value at local level and synergies and collaborations at European level”, adds the President.

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