B2B platform for the textile sector

Advanced B2B to connect with retailers in foreign markets


Group of textile companies





From Cointega we have detected the need to analyze the problems of our companies and offer solutions to improve the industrial production processes, within the plan to promote innovation. The aim of developing this platform is the need to find a unique solution that allows an advanced B2B and the connection with retailers, mainly from foreign markets, based on different technologies in order to better adapt to the different typologies of these markets. The platform developed is a B2B (Business to Business) software, which allows multi-brand stores to interact with clothing manufacturers/brands to consult their catalog, place orders, consult the history of these orders or receive communications.  


To improve the online presence of companies in the textile sector has developed an ecommerce platform for international markets based on different technologies for better adaptation to different types of international markets. The development of the platform is based on the following technologies:
  • AngularJS for the frontend and for the backend, where a UIKIT based on bootstrap 4 are used
  • REST services will be used for communication between the server and the Front, which uses JSON for such communication.
  • A web platform oriented to the sale to professionals (B2B) has been implemented. For this purpose the platform has the following features:
    • Website oriented to new standards in web application development: HTML5, CSS3. Complies with W3C standards.
    • Developed in a codification that makes it functional and usable in the main browsers: Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera.
    • Scalable web application
    • Adapted to the new RGPD.
    • Multi-language
    • Navigation oriented to professional users’ purchase.
    • Possibility of alternative navigation through category tree.
    • Agile filtering system.
    • Simplified purchase, order and payment processes.
    • Pricing system by client or group of clients. Multi-currency.
    • Notifications to users.
    • Platform accessible only by previously registered users.
    • Service of connection with enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) for updating stock, catalog, orders or other entities that make up the B2B.
    • Possibility of providing the frontend with certain customization
    • Responsive design and perfectly adaptable to any resolution of today’s devices

Impact and results

This system helps companies to increase their productivity and accompanies them during their growth and expansion, providing experience in many sectors and innovative software solutions. The objective is to implement more efficient ways of working and technologies that allow to automate and simplify the most common processes in any company, those that are generally more recurrent, do not provide any added value and reduce the internal capacity and resources needed to focus on the business. They allow a comprehensive management of the company, although they are completely adaptable to their specific needs, allowing a parameterization tailored to each company. Its advanced functionality in terms of manufacturing configurable products makes it a particularly useful tool for industrial companies, which need more than a traditional ERP, but a solution that allows them to take a step forward in terms of speed of response, both when producing and when bidding. The implementation of this system is associated with a series of qualitative and quantitative improvements, since it will allow companies to put their business strategies in contact with the sales force, internal or external, providing them with multi-channel applications, which can be parameterized, and which allow them to optimize work time and customer satisfaction. Optimizing a company’s sales system means getting the most out of its resources, identifying sales opportunities and managing the tasks that turn a potential customer into an account. To do this, it is necessary to manage a database of contacts and accounts with all the necessary information, and indicators that allow the analysis of this information and make the corresponding decisions.
  • COMPANY/ BRAND Integrated management of the company and all its sales channels
  • Online reception of store orders
  • Increased Internet presence
  • Greater ease of communication and promotions to stores or end customers
  • Better coordination of orders and feedback with stores
  • Better use of stock by sharing it between stores
  • Sell online to the end customer, without being a threat to the physical stores
  • Use of store stock to sell online, saving on shipping costs


  • Easy access to all information
  • Always updated
  • In mobility
  • Online communication with brands and stores


  • Better communication with brands
  • Online management of your orders
  • Faster access to new collections
  • Knowledge among new customers thanks to online sales
  • Use of the system to carry out marketing campaigns to the end customer
  • Reduced risk of running out of stock
  • This solution adapts to the different needs of each company, modifying the task flows that are carried out during the business management processes; besides being interoperable with multiple external systems and applications, which allows working in mobility, among other advantages.

Results in figures

  • To increase the portfolio of new clients by 10% as it will be possible to meet the new demands of the sector, and even to further internationalize sales.
  • Since the date of launch and until March 12, 2020, the platform has received 5,103 visits from customers (stores), making total sales of 782,370.47 euros. This represents an average of 153.31 euros per visit.
  • Currently using the platform more than five brands and 986 stores in 12 different countries. These countries have been Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, France, Romania, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Dominican Republic and Hungary.
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