Virtual Production Plant

Design, simulation and optimization of a complete factory, its lines and production processes.


Industrial Recense





Recense is a family-run SME in the province of Lugo that was founded as a sickling workshop in 1953 and is today a consolidated supplier of fastening solutions such as abacuses and threads for the construction and industrial sectors. Firmly committed to innovation, Recense sought to optimize its production processes through the best integration of new technologies with the integration of a digital twin that would recreate its factory virtually. To this end, it joined forces with Asime in a project that was awarded a prize in the Igape Industry 4.0 Pilot Projects.  


For the realization of the virtual factory, industry 4.0 enablers were used, building a digital twin that simulates the Recese plant and allows the study of the most appropriate indicators to assist in the decision making of the dashboards. Likewise, in this project with the help of Asime and INFAB HUB, Recense introduced assisted maintenance through virtual reality glasses. These help operators to record their handling and maintenance operations, relating them with the support of tutorials and real information, interacting with the processes.  

Impact and results

The virtual factory has allowed Recense to reduce the “Time to Market” (time it takes for a product to reach the market), reduce development and engineering change costs and provide increased quality and reliability of the process design. The simulation also allows us to try out an endless number of possible scenarios and choose the best solutions at any given time. The data will feed a base that may allow in the future an application of Artificial Intelligence, which plans the production based on parameters provided and make decisions based on an evolutionary process of Machine Learning.  

Results in figures

  • To increase the portfolio of new clients by 10% as it will be possible to meet the new demands of the sector, and even to further internationalize sales.
  • Increase in productivity by 15%, due to the increase in capacity of the new lines and their speed.
  • Reduction of the Lead Time of production 10 %, due to the increase of the cadence for the automation of the lines.
  • Progress in the control and supervision of the Virtual Factory, having each time all the technologies integrated in a unique way 100% and oriented to productivity.
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